Triangle Independent Schools Consortium

The Triangle Independent School Consortium is composed of admission professionals from the Triangle area schools.  Our Consortium evolved out of the desire of the member schools to work collaboratively in an effort to ease and enhance the admission process for the students, families, and schools involved.

TISC Principles of Good Practice

In order to ensure the highest levels of professional conduct and standards, Triangle Independent School Consortium member schools operate under a common code of good practice. The Principles of Good Practice are centered on the commitment to serve as advocates for prospective families during the admission process.
To that end, TISC member schools will:

  • respect and affirm the worth and dignity of each individual in the admission process
  • be educated in all aspects of their school and its programs
  • seeks those students who meet its particular mission and admission criteria
  • speak accurately and comprehensively about the strengths of their own institutions and not imply weaknesses in other schools.
  • abide by the notification deadlines as defined by TISC
  • refrain from asking applicants for commitments or indications of commitments in terms of school of first choice during the admission/interview process
  • not advise an applicant of their status prior to the official notification date
  • avoid consulting with other member schools in regard to prospective students, except when given written permission by the family/applicant involved in the consultation.
  • keep all Tuition Aid information strictly confidential
  • recognize the right of currently enrolled students and families to consider other educational options, and if a transfer is initiated by the family, the school provides appropriate support and documentation in a timely manner, including reminding the family of any policies related to contractual obligations to the current school. 

For more information on Independent School Principles for Good Practice, please visit the National Association of Independent Schools web site.

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